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Yoga from the Heart

Transformational yoga instruction, mentorship, and women's circle facilitation.

Take a ride through time and space, tap into your inner peace, breathe and flow with one of Austin's most seasoned yoga teachers. 

Chelsea offers private in-home instruction, special group offerings in California and Texas, and international service and yoga retreats geared for personal transformation. 

During these strange and rapidly changing times, she has adapted along with so many teachers to be able to reach her students at home.  Yoga and personal refinement from within is more important now than ever. If you're looking for your due north, look no further...Chelsea would love to guide you to find your own inner compass using the sacred tools of breath, body awareness, inquiry, self expression, and mindfulness practices.

“Chelsea's manner of teaching yoga is superb. The class flows very well and Chelsea gives great guidance for new and experienced participants. Thank you very much for helping us all improve!"

— R. Baker

Corporate Yoga participant

“I really like how [Chelsea has] a nice combination of zen and sense of humor. She is very grounded, yet keeps things light...and I love that!”

— M. Hodgen

Corporate Yoga participant

About Chelsea

Yoga from the Heart with Chelsea Hover

Chelsea brings over 20 years of studying yoga with masters in India, California, Austin, and beyond to every class, offering, and retreat she leads.  Her subtle transmission of the ancient roots and practices of yoga, meditation, and breath work invite you to find a different way of walking in today's world.


Ezra M.

"Over the course of having Chelsea as my yoga teacher, slowly but surely, my core strength has regained it's integrity. I can feel both the power and the grace of my body now. Chelsea is a beautiful spirit who is truly dedicated to her student, and to her craft." 


Amrita M.

"Chelsea's gentle style, specifically targeted to our age and abilities is keeping us flexible and wanting to move more often. My husband almost never has back issues anymore, which has been an issue requiring weekly chiropractic and massage.  In addition to a wonderful yoga session, Chelsea always brings a splash of joy and radiance each time."


Elijah P.

“[The Roots to Rise retreat] has shown me a different way to exist and experience coming from the heart, not the reactive mind. It helped hold a mirror up to myself, to allow me to be open and willing to work on my spiritual development. It helped to be in touch with people from around the world, who have so very little. To just be able to connect with them, their spirits. Share smiles, touch, laughter and love."

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If you need some extra focus, accountability, and specialized personal instruction, working 1:1 with Chelsea may be right for you. Chelsea has experience working with all kinds of injuries and circumstances. Free phone consult.



Join Chelsea for socially-distanced group yoga in her South Austin backyard garden sanctuary.  Click below for current classes & more information!



Full moon is a time to reflect, go inward, and practice deep inner listening.  Chelsea will guide you under the luminous moon to breathe and let go.

New Offering:
Teen Circles in the Park

Teen Circles w/Chelsea


A space for teenagers who identify with she/her pronouns to come together to practice presence, share, and grow.  Each week we will meet in a spacious circle in the shade (outdoors) in a beautiful South Austin location TBA from 5-6:30pm.  


Each week may look a bit different, but the general flow of each 1.5 hour session, may include a combination of the following:

  • Gentle yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices 

  • Self-inquiry, reflection, art, and self-expression exercises

  • Talking circles and thoughtful dialogues (topics are co-created by who shows up)

  • Visioning, dreaming, mind mapping, writing, and goal setting

  • Meditation and manifestation techniques

  • Sharing of ancient self-healing practices 

  • Tools to combat anxiety, sleep trouble, and navigating hard feelings

  • The series *will likely include guest speakers and teachers from different lineages to offer more modalities to this special group...still curating this part! Stay tuned!


To the Youth:  This is a crazy time to be alive!  Your alignment, clarity, and empowerment is possible and needed in this world! In this 6-week series, you will gain essential tools for your journey. I am honored to offer this sacred space to you, and hope you’ll accept the invitation if you feel called.  


Bring a yoga mat, journal, pen, water bottle, and wear whatever is comfortable to you.  Come as you are, all parts of you are welcome to show up here.  This weekly series is for young people who are ready to know themselves more, stretch, and grow their ideas of what is possible.

October 6th-Nov. 10th

Investment for 6 Week Series: $300

Invite a friend for a $30 discount for each of you!

Limited spaces available.




About Chelsea:


Over the past 13 years, I've taught yoga to cancer survivors, corporate executives, elite athletes, homeless people, wealthy housewives, kids in detention centers, veterans, public school students, senior residents (wheelchair yoga!), and the list goes on...  And my most potent passion lies in bringing yoga to teenagers. I think because I first found yoga at age 13, I know how impactful having a tool kit and inner compass can be to navigate those choppy waters.  I helped launch and taught Texas' first Off-campus P.E. program in 2011, enabling students in Austin ISD to get school credit for doing yoga four times a week. The program was so much more than I expected, and these kids' lives were transformed! I also lead yoga and served as a youth mentor for 9 years at the Global Youth Peace Summit with the Amala Foundation, a service based non-profit that supports at-risk youth, and youth refugees from around the world. Some of them are among my most prolific teachers to this day.

At some point, I began leading international service and yoga retreats to India; essentially sharing three of my most profound accelerators in my awakening ~ yoga, service, and international travel. Exposing western yogis to other cultures and ways of life, especially in the motherland of yoga, helps us all expand and realize we can live more connected with the world. 

My yoga practice and teaching continue to morph and adapt as I move through life’s seasons as well. I have taught prenatal and postnatal yoga for years, and in 2015 when I became pregnant with my daughter, I hosted a group of expectant mamas in my home studio, and we practiced through pregnancy and into motherhood together; moving and breathing on our mats. What a blessing yoga and meditation tools have been on the motherhood path!  I am passionate about sharing yoga with those who struggle with anxiety, depression, and other emotional instability because I have been there -- and I am well aware what an anchor breath and presencing practices can be during huge external life shifts, and rites of passage.  


Please reach out to Chelsea directly with any questions: 

(972) 322-3003

Register Here:

You’re invited to show up as you are.

Drink from the deep well of the here and now.  Move your body intentionally…

Connect with yourself, each other, and the Earth under ancient oaks and big open sky


No matter who you are, you have probably been processing some of your deepest fears and grief lately…and perhaps, you have simultaneously experienced the taste of hope, answered prayers, and the most intense invitation to rise…of your life. Sound familiar? Life’s been asking a LOT for a lot of people recently! 


<<deep breath>> 


Chelsea will guide a sweet deep slow flow to the live musical accompaniment of the clarinet, pan drum, sitar guitar, Shruti box, bowls, and didgeridoo under the big open sky, atop the roots of some giant protective oaks.  Let’s cultivate balance, through the practice of stillness, breath, and integrated movement.  For one hour, this weekend you are being called to drop deeply into your flow state where you and the Universe are one... 

Hope to see you there!

Join Chelsea for a unique slow flow jam session under the oaks of a private South Austin property near Radio Coffee.  Live musical accompaniment from the talented Hazeus Walker, Daniel Duron, Gordon Schultz, and Markbob Babaji. Herbal tea in the garden to follow. 

WHEN: This Saturday, April 23 ~ 10am

WHERE: At a private property in South Austin...the address will be provided upon payment (please include your phone number)or RSVP via DM or text to Chelsea or other hosts

WHO: Anyone! (no kids please, or pets)

WHAT TO BRING: yoga mat (I will have some to loan out), water, any props you love, a willing mind and heart

Register:  sliding scale $25-45
Venmo @Chelsea-Hover-1
or Paypal