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July 2024






Drop deeply into the present moment, tap into a deep well of inner peace, breathe and flow with one of Austin's most seasoned yoga teachers. Chelsea teaches yoga for every body; each class like a magic carpet ride on your mat into your inner most being.

Chelsea offers private in-home instruction and special group classes on the Big Island of Hawaii and beyond. She also leads transformative service and yoga retreats, workshops, and special events.

Through yoga and guided self-inquiry, Chelsea helps you peel back the layers, let go of what is holding you back, and expand into your best life. She also offers limited spaces for soul coaching life mentorship.

Upcoming Offerings

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Full Moon Slow Flow

We come together to move and breathe, release and renew under the magic of the full moon's light.

Often accompanied by live music, always organic tea to follow (with no pressure to stay!)


Yin Yoga & Sound Healing

Give your nervous system what it deserves: a break from the noise, hustle, and stimuli.  In this restorative yoga session, you will unwind the tension and create space in the body and mind through gentle, supported, longer postures (all levels welcome). Then, lay back and enjoy the healing vibrations of a crystal bowl serenade. 

Big Island, Hawaii


Teen Yoga Series


Austin, TX

Weds & Sat

starting in 



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Outdoor Yoga


in Austin, TX

Stay tuned for locations and times TBA.




Chelsea has been a spiritual seeker her whole life. She first experienced yoga at a fancy gym class with her mom at age 13; after her first savasana, she was hooked! Throughout her teen years, she studied ancient yogic texts, practicing poses and breathing techniques in her floral bedroom between swim team, tennis, and volleyball practices. Her family may have thought she was a little kooky with her crystal, rock, and shell collections…but what’s now considered “new age” is just Chelsea’s natural way. 


Having yoga through the confusing and sometimes overwhelming teenage and young adult years radically affected Chelsea’s confidence and trust in herself; so that is one of the reasons she is so passionate about teaching yoga to teenagers, and passing on this ancient wisdom.


Chelsea’s curiosity included studies of most major religions, and travels through many continents and cultures before she realized the validity in Mahatma Gandhi's famous quote: “The paths are many, the Truth is one.”  


It was a childhood dream of Chelsea’s to be a TV news reporter, so she studied broadcast journalism at Boston University to do just that. As a one-woman-band investigative reporter, Chelsea used to go to the front lines of a crime scene or drive into the eye of the storm for the footage, for the story, for the truth.


Disillusioned by the politics of the newsroom and the realities of our corrupt media after 6 years on the job, Chelsea decided that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.  She quit the news and dove into a yoga teacher training at Yoga Works in California to understand the practice that brought her so much inner peace and bliss on a deeper level.


Returning to Austin, it was like she paddled out right at the moment a big set was rolling in…and that giant wave of yoga popularity that crashed into Austin around 2008 lifted her up and she’s been riding that wave ever since! Austin has been her beloved home base, while she has also spent significant time in India, Hawaii, California, Mexico and Guatemala to name a few other heart homes.


Leading transformational service yoga retreats, groups of women, circles of teenagers, and diverse populations like corporate teams and detention centers has been so creative and life-giving for Chelsea. Now this practice didn’t just bring her bliss; she was able to point others in the direction of self love, nervous system regulation, and inner peace. Chelsea’s dharma (life purpose) is uplifting the planet one soul at a time; helping people remember their greatness, and the miracle it is to be alive! 

Chelsea also works as a publishing manager, and freelance writer; crafting elevating content for brands, books, and businesses that are changing the world. And her biggest life project is mothering her sparkling 8-year-old daughter.


When she’s not working, Chelsea enjoys walking barefoot in the woods, bathing in natural waters, laughing, rock climbing, eating tacos, and painting with her daughter. She’s a lover of animals, children, plants, adventures, and beauty in all its many forms.


“Chelsea's manner of teaching yoga is superb. The class flows very well and Chelsea gives great guidance for new and experienced participants. Thank you very much for helping us all improve!"

— R. Baker, Corporate Yoga participant

Recurring Offerings

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Teen Yoga Series

Teens ages 13-18 delve into 6 weeks of self-inquiry through yoga, sharing circles, breathing techniques, and other healing modalities.

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Pop-Up Outdoor Classes

Monthly "Soul Flow" outdoor classes with live sound healing and tea to follow; held at a private residence in Hawaii.

All levels welcome!

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