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Over the past 16 years teaching yoga in Austin, Southern California, Hawaii, and internationally, I have been incredibly blessed to get to share what I have learned on my own yogic path. I've taught yoga to homeless people, cancer survivors, corporate executives, elite athletes, pregnant women, war veterans, kids in detention centers, schools, senior centers, and the list goes on! I believe there is yoga for every body. 


Since I know what an impactful tool yoga was for me as a teenager, and also as I embarked on the motherhood journey, my deepest passion lies in sharing yoga with these specific groups. I started Texas' first ever off-campus P.E. program, enabling students in Austin ISD to get school credit for doing yoga. The program ended up being so much more than yoga; we delved into topics like peer pressure, body image, relationship skills, and nervous system regulation through breath and awareness. I also lead yoga and served as a youth mentor for over 8 years at the Global Youth Peace Summits in Texas and California with the Amala Foundation, a service-based non-profit that supports at-risk youth, and global youth refugees. Some of them have been among my most prolific teachers.  I also mentor youth privately as a coach, using breath work, yoga, mindset tools, art/color therapy, journaling, deep listening, and loving reflection to help them hone their inner compass for life ahead.


At some point, I realized three of the most profound accelerators in my own awakening were: yoga, service, and travel. So, I began leading international service and yoga retreats, using yoga to help people expand and live in a more connected way with the world.

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My yoga practice and teaching continue to morph and adapt as I move through life's seasons. I have taught prenatal and postnatal yoga for years, but in 2015 when I became pregnant with my daughter, I started hosting a group of expectant mamas in my home studio in Austin, and we journeyed through pregnancy and into motherhood together; moving and breathing (and breastfeeding) on our mats.  I am well aware of what literal life-preservers breath and presencing tools are during huge external life shifts and rites of passage such as becoming a parent.  They are the floatation devices we all need handy when anxiety, depression, or other life stresses come in like a tidal wave.

I am blessed beyond measure to get to practice and teach yoga. It is my life-long practice; a marathon, not a sprint. I am so humbled and honored to lead others, whether it's for an hour class, a weekend workshop, a retreat, or ongoing private sessions. Thank you--deep bow to all of my students--I am because you are.



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