When I was 13, my mom took me to my first yoga class in Newport Beach, California, where I grew up. From that first Savasana I was hooked. I knew I had experienced something special, and I wanted more.

I continued taking classes throughout my college years at Boston University. With my fresh degree in broadcast journalism, and a healthy optimism, I dove into the TV news business as a one-woman-band reporter.  I climbed markets for five years and ended up in Austin, reporting for News 8 Austin.

My yoga had fallen by the wayside in all the long hours at the station. The infrequent class I did attend was like a sip of water in the desert. A taste of something I needed a whole lot more of in my life. My desire to truly make a difference wasn't being satisfied by the newsroom politics, and slanted "if it bleeds it leads" journalism of the times. I decided I could DO MORE to help people, and the planet. So I did...

My 200-hour training at YogaWorks in Orange County, CA gave me not only the the tools to become a yoga teacher, but the tools I needed for that stage of my life. Suddenly everything was a new dimension; I saw energy and understood life in a new way.  I took the training, not to teach necessarily, but to better understand yoga; little did I know life was grooming me to SHARE the wisdom.  

When I returned to Austin, I was plucked after a public yoga class to join a team to "brand" the city for luluemon (before it was a household name) which tapped me into a vast network of friends, teachers, instructors, mentors, and clients.  Suddenly, the pathway opened and it became obvious I was meant to teach, guide, and help others heal.

Over the past 11 years teaching yoga in Austin (and beyond), I have been amazed, humbled, stretched, and grown in so many ways. I've taught yoga to homeless people, cancer survivors, corporate executives, elite athletes, housewives, kids in detention centers, schools, and the list goes on!  But my passion lies in bringing yoga to teenagers. I taught Texas' first Off-campus P.E. program, enabling students in Austin ISD to get school credit for doing yoga four times a week. The program was so much more than I expected, and these kids' lives were transformed! I also lead yoga and served as a youth mentor for over 8 years at the Global Youth Peace Summit with the Amala Foundation, a service based non-profit that supports at-risk youth, and also youth refugees from around the globe. Some of them are among my most prolific teachers.

At some point, I began leading international service and yoga retreats to India, as I realized three of my most profound accelerators in my awakening have been yoga, service, and travel. Exposing western yogis to other cultures and ways of life, especially in the motherland of yoga, helps us all expand and realize we can live more connected with the world. 

My yoga practice and teaching continue to morph and adapt as I move through life's seasons as well. I have taught prenatal and postnatal yoga for years, but in 2015 when I became pregnant with my daughter, I started hosting a group of expectant mamas in my home studio, and we journeyed through pregnancy and into motherhood together; moving and breathing on our mats. What a blessing yoga and meditation tools have been on the motherhood path!  I am passionate about sharing yoga with those who struggle with anxiety, depression, and other emotional instability because I am well aware what an anchor breath and presence practices can be during huge external life shifts, and rites of passage.

I am blessed beyond measure to teach yoga for a living. I am so humbled and honored to lead others, whether its for an hour class, a weekend workshop, a retreat, or on-going private sessions...Thank you--deep bow to all of my students--I am because you are.



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