Wedding Day Yoga

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So many brides search--or go without--the perfect morning ritual for their wedding day. Why not spend the morning basking in bliss alongside your favorite people?

Chelsea sets the tone for a day of love with heart-openers, hip-openers, and deep relaxation to calm those wedding day jitters. You can choose to have a yoga class for just the bridal party, the whole wedding party, or invite the whole family! Chelsea will happily accomodate your specific requests.

You may also choose yoga for the day or evening before your wedding...bridal shower...or bachelorette. Prices vary based on number in group and location (this includes weddings outside of Austin).


"Chelsea provided me and several of my bridesmaids with a relaxing and invigorating yoga session the morning of my wedding day. Chelsea has the ability to adjust her class to each persons personal needs. In my case, she was able to help me focus on the strength of my body and rid my mind of the chaos surrounding the wedding. The Wedding Day Yoga session was a perfect way to relax and rejuvenate me so that I was completely clear minded as I walked down the aisle to meet my new husband!" -M. Tremblay