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Roots to Rise

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Yoga & Service Retreat

Bhatti Mines, India

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Join us for the 2nd annual Roots to Rise Yoga & Service Retreat this March. Chelsea Hover & Brian Lev Freedman will once again be co-facilitating a unique invitation to deepen your roots in the land where yoga was born and to grow in devotional service to yourself, each other, and the One. "Seva" or selfless service is a core of yogic living, and we will be serving the beautiful community and school in Bhatti Mines, a slum outside of Delhi. Through daily asana, serving others, immersing in a different culture, and deepening self-inquiry your heart will open like the sprawling branches of a wise old oak you and the children Roots to Rise.

About the Retreat:

This offering is a unique blend of personal reflection, selfless service, and cultural immersion. It will provide you with an opportunity to deepen your yoga practice on and off the mat; you will likely meet your edge, as India is an extreme place, and the beautiful people of the Bhatti Mines community live in such poverty & hardship. It is our hope that through this experience of service, community & inquiry, we can honor the humanity and Oneness within ourselves and the world around us.

WARNING: If you are looking for the Taj Mahal tour and white marble floors, this is not the retreat for you! This is a hands-on, "behind the scenes," authentic India experience.

About the School:

The Bhatti Mines School is in rural suburb of Delhi, serving children of the lowest caste in India. The school gives 200 children a year an alternative to child labor, a way out of extreme poverty for the future, and the freedom to thrive. A portion of your retreat tuition will go toward our collective goal for this retreat to fund at least 1/2 of the school year.

About the Facilitators:

Brian Lev Freedman is first and foremost a student of life. Some of the hats he wears are those of a humanitarian, entrepreneur, musician, philosopher, health enthusiast, dancer, and youth mentor Brian has worked with the Amala Foundation for 6 years and is the co-founder of the Bhatti Mines school partnership. He is dedicated to helping humans find a more fulfilling and balanced way of living with nature through self-inquiry, service, and working with youth.

Chelsea Hover is dedicated to spreading awareness, love, and joy through the practice of yoga. Her classes flow like the ocean, taking you on a ride into your inner world, organically showing you what needs to be revealed in the moment. Chelsea's passion for spreading yoga has reached hundreds of teenagers, cancer survivors, homeless women, and at-risk youth refugees from around the world. Chelsea has been deeply involved with humanitarian service work through the Amala Foundation for over 7 years, along with several other Austin non-profits. She is very inspired to lead a group of yogis on this spiritual voyage to India, and into their deepest hearts.

What people are saying...

"The retreat has helped ground me in so many ways. I've been more grateful and aware of the many blessings in my life. I've been able to love myself more and be more accepting of others. My biggest take away is being more honest and true to myself, Letting my guard down and knowing that it is ok to be vulnerable."

"It has shown me a different way to exist and experience life…Coming from the heart, not the reactive mind. It helped hold a mirror up to myself, to allow me to be open and willing to work on my spiritual development. It helped to be in touch with people from around the world, who have so very little…To just be able to connect with them, their spirits. Share smiles, touch, laughter and love. To also be able to get a better idea of specific needs they have, to be able to bring these needs back to reach out to our community."

"I found a new motivation to live with purpose and meaning. I found the missing link to my happiness was serving others."


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